Things Should Not Do During Pregnancy


 is such an immeasurably gift from The Almighty Things Should Not Do During PregnancyGetting pregnant is such an immeasurably gift from The Almighty. Pregnancy is something that needs to be taken care of and maintained very well so that you will give birth to a healthy and superior baby. But there are times when a pregnant woman doesn’t know very well about things that should and should not to do during pregnancy, especially on their first pregnancy. These are what a pregnant woman needs to know to take care of their baby and keep it healthy and superior. These are things should not do during pregnancy.

Wearing High Heeled Shoes

High heeled shoes could cause muscles stretching in the waist area. Pregnant women tend to feel more pain and stiffness in the waist area. This is caused by body pivot change that happens during pregnancy, where body tend to lean forward, so when a pregnant woman tries to enforce her body by stretching waist and back muscles. So if a pregnant woman wears high heeled shoes, the muscles stretching in waist and back will increase, because it will be double loads in the front, from the pregnancy itself and also the high heeled shoes and this will cause more pain in the waist and back. Besides high heeled shoes could harm body balance, especially during pregnancy. The risk of a pregnant woman falling is also possible. And it could cause trauma for the pregnancy and the pregnant woman herself, and worse, could cause fetal defects or miscarriage.

Using Mosquito Repellant

Mosquito repellant contains active chemicals that are included in pesticide type. One of the side effects of this chemical is nerve damage. Mosquito repellant even contains kerosene that could cause kidney damage to the fetus itself. Mosquito repellant in lotion form also contains kerosene and absorbable into the skin that could become poison in your body. So usage of mosquito repellant in spray form, coils, electric, or lotion form is not recommended for pregnant women.Use mosquito net on your bed to avoid mosquito bites. Pregnant women can also use eucalyptus oil as a mosquito repellant.

Passing through Damaged Streets

A lot of questions have been asked to us about whether a pregnant woman may ride a motorbike or car, or not. Some believe that a pregnant woman may not ride a motorbike or car, because it could damage the pregnancy. But the one thing to be avoided is riding on damaged streets, because it could give shocks to the pregnancy itself. Often shocks could bring trauma to the pregnancy. Besides shocks could stretch out back, waists, stomach and thighs muscles that cause fatigue to pregnant women.

Reduce speed when passing through damaged streets or find a better route. It’s best if a pregnant woman with 7 months pregnancy and up doesn’t drive a car, because it could bother the steering and make an uncomfortable trip.

Consuming Medicines without Doctor’s Instructions

Medicines consumed by pregnant women get into the placentas and fetal circulation. Some medicines even can be secreted through breasts milk so that the level on fetus body is almost the equal with the levels on the mother’s blood, which in some cases could harm the baby.
Some medicines can be consumed during pregnancy or lactation because it’s proved to be safe, both for the mother and also for the baby. But, some other medicines are dangerous and could harm the health of both the mother and the baby. And we are sure that not every pregnant woman knows which medicines are safe and which are not. Therefore, for every type of medicines or herbs that are about to be consumed, it’s better if you consult about this to your doctor first, don’t just trust what people say.

Diet during Pregnancy

Dieting during pregnancy will harm both the mother and the baby. Diet during pregnancy can cause lack of vitamins, minerals, and other nutritions that are much needed during pregnancy. Why dieting anyways? Your stomach will be bigger during pregnancy so there is no use of dieting at all.


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